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Tasting room lingo

Tasting room lingo with Red Rooster Winery


Have you ever wondered why you swirl your glass or who is 'sur lees'?

We have created this educational course to answer these age old questions. Specifically designed and based on questions we commonly hear, it is a great way to start your day so the next tasting room you walk into you can strut your stuff.

 Wine 101- Wine 101 is an exciting and educational glimpse into the basics of wine tasting and etiquette. We will explore some of our best wines and walk you through each step—“the 6 S’s” seeing, swirling, sniffing, sipping, savoring and spitting. This seminar is designed to help you get the most out of your wine tasting experience, as well as, expand your knowledge of proper winery etiquette. We will brush you up on some common tasting room lingo to get you in the known, and speak to some of the wine making process highlights. All this while tasting some truly amazing Red Rooster vintages!

 Advanced 101Advanced Wine 101 is geared towards those who have a grasp on the basics of wine tasting and are ready for something a little more in depth. We will be covering some of the history behind the craft of winemaking including new-world and old-world techniques. Then moving onto proper cellaring and aging, deciphering of labels, barrel aging and the use of proper glassware. We will finish off the seminar with a blind tasting and short wine trivia! Prizes go to the winners of course!

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