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Smugglers Smoke House

Opening Mid-June

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Shayna & Josh Shulman have worked together as chefs for over 5 years and combined have over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry. When we were offered the opportunity to open a restaurant in Naramata BC in 2016, we pondered "what does the Okanagan Valley need?"

We decided BBQ would be a hit with the locals, tourists, kids, elderly and everyone in between! After one successful season in Naramata, we ventured into Penticton with an even bolder and refined vision of what Smugglers Smokehouse would be.

Smoking meat is a technique that takes years to perfect and the team at Smugglers is constantly working on improving the end product by learning more about the craft of smoking. By tweaking recipes, smoke & cook times we are learning the ways of how to best smoke each type of meat.

With a clear vision of the experience we desire for our guests, we offer a casual, lively and comfortable atmosphere. The music is reminiscent of the old days of cowboys and singing the blues. We want every person to feel at home when they step through the door and to leave feeling the love that was put into their meal. 99% of the menu at Smugglers is homemade, the sauces, sides and of course, all the meat is seasoned and smoked in house.

About our food:

  • Our meat is from Two Rivers Specialty Meats, in Vancouver BC. They deliver the highest quality meats that are ethically and sustainably raised, without the use of hormones, chemicals or food additives.
  • All of our sides and sauces are made from scratch with love!
  • We use local fruit wood to smoke our meats to perfection.
  • All of our bread is made by Wouda's bakery in Penticton.
  • Cheesecakes are by Gratify in Penticton and are all gluten and dairy free, but the best cheesecake you'll ever have!
  • Ice cream is locally made by Dutchmen Dairy in Vernon.


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